Christmas Tidings Box

# 503126
All will be bright with this inviting assortment brimming with some of our most popular milk, dark and white chocolate pieces, including brittles, truffles, nuts, chews and two Milk... Read more Chocolate Buttercreams with decoration. Approximately 32 pieces*.

Dark Chocolate Buttercream, Milk Coconut Cream, Dark Bordeaux™, Milk Molasses Chip, Milk Almonds, Raspberry Truffle, Milk Chocolate Buttercream with decoration, Dark Caramel Pattie, Milk Almond Caramel, Dark Scotchmallow®, Divinity Puff, Milk Divinity, Dark Walnut Square, Milk Rum Nougat, Dark Almond Nougat, Lemon Truffle, Milk Almond Caramel, Milk Mocha, Blueberry Truffle, Dark Almonds, Milk Vanilla Nut Cream, Milk California Brittle®, Café au Lait Truffle, Milk Chocolate Buttercream, Dark Butterchew®.

*Replacements may be made depending on candy availability.
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  • Size
    • 1 lb 4 oz